Conservative League Updates

Latest-UpdatesTo all Con league teams please take note of a couple of important things

Firstly the Stan Peel event this season has been cancelled in full, we all know that Dave has had a hard time with Hospital for a month and the Peel event a four week turn round Dave has no option but to cancel it for the 2014/15 season.

Secondly for those teams that have not yet completed all there league matches here is a important message (below) from Dave that cannot be over looked!

NB. The 7 matches that were not played must be played by Tuesday 25th November 2014
in accordance with rule 10 of our rule book. There will be no exceptions what so ever!!


Now all the tables, results and draws we have so far has been updated found HERE also for those wanting a notice board copy of all the current competitions running click HERE

We shall end this by saying thank you for your patience whilst Dave was going through this difficult time we know how important it is for you all to have updates and we do our very best to try and provide this for you,  but sometimes things don’t go to plan.

So i am sure you all agree that Dave does a fantastic job behind the scenes and even though hes not fully recovered we are here providing you updates so please help us by completing the leagues matches asap

Many Thanks

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