South Bradford Games League Weekly Update

Hi Guys

Herewith Week 18 Updates. Please note the Snooker match between Wibsey B and Great Horton PC CC has been rearranged for 18th January.

Also attached is the Overall Aggregate Table. This shows the current aggregates of the 2 matches played between all teams, which should be helpful as the billiards and dominoes move into the last round of matches, meaning the EXTRA aggregate point is up for grabs. If any of the aggregates don’t look correct please contact me and I will check them for you. PLEASE DISREGARD THE SNOOKER AGREGATES as there are still 4 matches of Round 2 to be played before the final round starts. I will resend the sheet once Round 2 is complete which will be following Week 22.

Any problems please give me a shout



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