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Aug 09 2015

Let the games begin

The Season will kick off on Tuesday 1st September with the defending Division 1 Snooker Champions playing Wibsey A at Undercliffe. The Division 1 Domino Champions Thornton A travel to Cullingworth B The newly promoted Division 2 Snooker Champions play another newly promoted team Calverley A The Division 2 Domino Champions Idle and Thackley start with …

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Aug 07 2015

Complete list of the Con League Officials for 2015-2016 Season

Important contacts for the Conservative leagues up and coming season please take note of these or bookmark this post for future reference. The league is due to kick off on the 1st September and remember to keep checking this site for list of fixtures, ko draws, etc which will be added in due course. Good …

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Jul 31 2015

R.I.P Geoff Robinson

Geoff Robinson, It is with deep regret that I have to inform the League of the death of Geoff Robinson. Geoff was a lifetime member of Queensbury Con. Club and for the last 21 years was the Chairman of the League, taking over from Steve Fillingham in 1994/5. Also following Peter Lee’s retirement from the …

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May 05 2015

End of season approaches

It’s that time of year again when the sun will appear more frequently cues will hang up and golf clubs come out for many of you, with warmer days around the corner another season is coming to a end, Our site has provided much more snooker information than last season for our district which as always been our …

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Apr 05 2015

Conservative League *Message*

The registration form for the 2015/16 season can be downloaded for your clubs by clicking HERE also this seasons presentation evening will be at Idle & Thackley Conservative Club on Tuesday 30th June.   Delegates meeting this Thursday 9th April at Thornton Con Club, forms for next season will be given out.  Dates for finals, …

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Dec 15 2014

Conservative League Message

The complete draw for the next rounds of all competitions will be given out at the Delegates Meeting on Thursday 18th December at Shipley Bowling Club. ANY matches in ANY competition not completed by that date will result in BOTH players/teams being scratched, as will none notification of results. You have been warned. Dave

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Nov 22 2014

Con League – Meeting

Executive Committee Meeting – Upper Bolton on Monday 1st December 8.30 ish League Delegates Meeting  – Shipley Bowling Club – Thursday 18th December 8.00 pm and please note Dave has a new mobile number Pass the word around please Dave

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Nov 07 2014

Conservative League Updates

To all Con league teams please take note of a couple of important things

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Nov 03 2014

Conservative League *PLEASE READ*

Following the message that was posted on the site regarding the postponed matches on the day of Derek’s funeral 28th October.  There was a statement that read you had 6 weeks to play the postponed matches. This is incorrect. General Rule No 10 of our Rule Book Reads. Postponed Matches. Any match postponed for any …

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Oct 21 2014

Conservative League Announcement

A message from Dave Parrott for all Conservative League clubs!! All games on the Tuesday 28th October 2014 can be played at a later date (within a 6 week period) this is due to Derek Gambles funeral which is being held the same day, for those who would like to pay their respects to Derek …

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Oct 13 2014


To all Captains in all Competitions in the Conservative Games League.

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