Moorhouse Shield 2018

Hi Guys

Herewith information and fixture etc for this seasons Moorhouse Shield Competition.

As most of you know I have changed the format for this season, as we have 8 teams entered I have split the teams into 2 groups of 4 teams. Once the Group matches have been completed then the Group positions will determine the quarter final, semi-final and final draws of the knockout stage. This means that each team will get a minimum of 7 matches as opposed to maybe playing one match and being knocked out.

The Group draw was made last night at Clayton Rugby Club by Dave Pickthall and Alan Peacock.

I have attached the following:

Team Registrations & Handicaps

Moorhouse Shield Rules



If you could please read through the rules and make sure you understand them, as the Group Stage and Knockout Stage rules differ a little regarding the team selection format. I have spoken with most of you about this before I went ahead and put together the rules.

If there are parts you do not understand please give me a shout and I will try to explain. It sounds self-explanatory to me, but trying to word it properly was a little harder…….

The following Monies are owed, but this is the Total including the 4-pound Group Match subs as well as entry fees:

Chapel Green: 39 pounds

Clayton Libs: 24 pounds

Fields S&S: 48 pounds (2 teams match subs 24.00 per team)

Great Horton Cons: 24 pounds

Queensbury Cons: 39 pounds

If you could somehow get this money to me before the end of the group stages, or even bring it to the South Bradford AGM at Clayton Libs on 28th June that would be great.

Thanks and good luck to everyone



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