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High Breaks – 2013/14


Leader Board
Any Snooker breaks made 40 or over in a official Bradford competition or Games League event can be listed here.
Please note only breaks that are submitted can be shown
If we don’t know about it we can’t show it, its a great way to see who is the inform man that season.
To submit a break use the contact us form found to the left side or via the email icon found at the very top of the site with the following

  1. Full Name (example, Joe Blogs)
  2. What the break was (example, 147)
  3. Which Bradford competition/league (example, Hey’s Trophy or example, south Bradford league div2)
  4. Club the person representing (example, Minters Club)
  5. Date & Year (example, 21.12.2013)


Tip:  If the list of names is too big use the search function to find a event or player 


Player NameEvent League ClubDateBreak
Kevin FirthLeague Div1Dudley HillUndercliffe CC28.10.2013112
Howard MawsonBradford SinglesN/AVictoria Cons01.02.2014102
Richard HagertyBob BellCon LeagueCalverey Cons02.10.201385
Anthony GreenLeague Div2Con LeagueHarold Club11.03.201484
Gareth GreenDawson TrophyCon LeagueHarold Club09.11.201381
Gareth GreenDawson TrophyCon LeagueHarold Club09.11.201378
Mark SlaterBradford PairsN/AClayton Libs27.04.201476
Kevin FirthHcp Individuals Dudley HillUndercliffe CC11.11.201374
Howard MawsonBob BellCon LeagueVictoria Cons17.10.201370
Paul GoodhallStanley PeelCon LeagueVictoria Cons25.10.201367
Anthony GreenLeague Div2Con LeagueHarold Club15.10.201367
Tony HallBob BellCon LeagueCullingworth30.09.201365
Wayne CooperBradford PairsN/AUndercliffe C.C05.02.201465
Stefan RisidiLeague Div1Con LeaguePilky's12.11.201365
Kevin FirthLeague Div1Dudley HillUndercliffe C.C25.11.201364
Josh WalkerHcp Individuals Dudley HillUndercliffe C.C08.05.201463
Gareth GreenLeague Div2Con LeagueHarold Club19.11.201361
Lewis WalshLeague Div1Con LeagueVictoria Cons01.04.201460
Richard DuffieldLeague Div1Con LeagueShipley Social25.02.201460
A MitchellDawson TrophyCon LeaguePilky's 15.10.201359
Anthony GreenLeague Div2Con LeagueHarold Club10.09.201358
Gareth GreenLeague Div2Con LeagueHarold Club05.11.201357
Matthew YeadonLeague Div1Dudley HillBaildonwood Bottom03.02.201457
John WellhamLeague Div1Con LeagueAllerton Cons21.01.201457
Anthony GreenDawson TrophyCon LeagueHarold Club08.10.201357
Anthony GreenLeague Div2Con LeagueHarold Club15.04.201455
Damian GallagherLeague Div1Dudley HillHarold Club30.09.201352
John WellhamLeague Div1Con LeagueAllerton Cons24.09.201352
Anthony GreenLeague Div2Con LeagueHarold Club12.12.201352
Darren GoyLeague Div1Con LeagueVictoria Cons04.03.201451
Howard MawsonDawson TrophyCon LeagueVictoria Cons28.11.201351
Roy Beckford League Div2Con LeagueCalverey Cons29.04.201451
Anthony GreenDawson TrophyCon LeagueHarold Club31.01.201451
Paul GoodhallJ. Rowlands PairsCon LeagueVictoria Cons29.01.201451
Kevin FirthLeague Div1Dudley HillUndercliffe C.C06.01.1450
Lewis WalshJ. Rowlands PairsCon LeagueVictoria Cons10.10.201350
Damian BentleyLeague Div1South BradfordGreat Horton CC19.11.201350
Lewis WalshLeague Div1Con LeagueVictoria Cons17.12.201349
Paul BennLeague Div2Con LeagueHarold Club12.12.201347
Lewis WalshJ. Rowlands PairsCon LeagueVictoria Cons15.11.201347
Simon JacksonLeague Div1Con LeagueVictoria Cons04.02.201447
Richard HagertyJ. Rowlands PairsCon LeagueCalverey31.01.201447
Lewis WalshLeague Div1Con LeagueVictoria Cons22.04.201446
Mark HirstLeague Div1Con LeagueThornton Cons22.10.201346
Andrew StocksLeague Div2Con LeagueHarold Club18.03.201445
Sonny SandhuHey's TrophyN/AUndercliffe C.C19.12.201345
Richard HagertyJ. Rowlands PairsCon LeagueCalverey08.10.201344
Simon JacksonBob BellCon LeagueVictoria Cons27.01.201444
Anthony HerdsmanLeague Div1Con LeagueUndercliffe C.C28.01.201444
Martin GlenHey's TrophyN/ALaisterdyke wmc23.01.201444
Kevin FirthBradford Pairs43Undercliffe C.C27.04.201443
Kevin FirthLeague Div1Dudley HillUndercliffe C.C10.02.201443
Damian BentleyHey's TrophyN/AUndercliffe C.C23.01.201442
Richard DuffieldLeague Div1Con LeagueShipley Social01.04.201442
Lewis WalshLeague Div1Con LeagueVictoria Cons17.09.201342
Simon JacksonLeague Div1Con LeagueVictoria Cons17.09.201342
Simon JacksonLeague Div1Con LeagueVictoria Cons04.02.201441
Brendan CawleyLeague Div1Con LeagueGreengates21.01.201441
Paul DaveyHeys TrophyN/AUndercliffe C.C16.01.201440
J.AshcroftLeague Div1Con LeaguePilkys SB "A"10.09.201340
Kevin FirthLeague Div1Dudley HillUndercliffe C.C30.09.201340
Kevin FirthLeague Div1Dudley HillUndercliffe C.C04.11.201340
Damian BentleyHcp Individuals Dudley HillUndercliffe C.C21.02.201440

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