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High Breaks – 2015/16

High Break Leader Board
Any Snooker breaks made 40 or over in a official Bradford competition or Games League event can be listed here.
Please note only breaks that are submitted can be shown the first event of this season is Bradford Handicap.
If we don’t know about it we can’t show it, its a great way to see who is the inform man that season.

To submit a break use the contact us form found to the left side of your window or via the email icon found at the very top of the site with the following details below.

 You can also send us a Tweet by clicking the below icon with the info required above, alternative is to send any breaks to your league who then forwards to us.hp-twitter-button

  1. Full Name (example, Joe Blogs)
  2. What the break was (example, 147)
  3. Which Bradford competition/league (example, Hey’s Trophy or example, south Bradford league div2)
  4. Club the person representing (example, Minters Club)
  5. Date & Year (example, 21.12.2015)

Tip:  If the list of names is too big use the search function to find a event or player 

Player NameEvent / DivLeagueClubDateBreak
Gareth GreenBradford SinglesN/AEccleshill Victoria04.04.2016132
Wayne CooperBradford SinglesN/AUndercliffe C.C26.11.2015114
Gareth GreenBradford SinglesN/AEccleshill Victoria04.04.201697
Gareth GreenBradford HcpN/AHarold Club??????94
David StirkJSR pairsCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria21.01.201693
Anthony GreenGames LeagueSouth BradfordClayton Rugby A01.03.201690
Lewis WalshLeague Div1Con LeagueEccleshill Victoria29.03.201688
Josh WalkerHey's TrophyN/ALilycroft WMC17.12.201588
Gareth GreenBradford HcpN/AHarold Club14.11.201588
Mark BallBradford SinglesN/AEccleshill Victoria11.11.201586
Gareth GreenBradford HcpN/AHarold Club19.08.201584
Gareth GreenBradford HcpN/AHarold Club14.11.201583
Russel MorganHey's TrophyN/ALilycroft WMC17.12.201582
Gareth GreenLeague Div1Con LeagueEccleshill Victoria03.05.201581
Mark BallStanley PeelCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria26.04.201581
Gareth GreenBradford HcpN/AHarold Club19.08.201581
Wayne CooperBradford SinglesN/AUndercliffe C.C27.03.201679
Howard MawsonLeague Div1Con LeagueEccleshill Victoria15.03.201679
Josh WalkerDudley Hill PairsDudley Hill LeagueUndercliffe C.C30.07.201578
David StirkDawson TrophyCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria02.11.201577
Gareth GreenGames LeagueSouth BradfordClayton Rugby A20.10.201577
Wayne CooperBradford SinglesN/AUndercliffe C.C17.01.201676
Josh WalkerBradford HcpN/AUndercliffe C.C18.09.201576
Peter HamiltonDudley Hill SinglesDudley Hill LeagueUndercliffe C.C06.01.201673
Kevin FirthBradford SinglesN/AUndercliffe C.C26.11.201572
Anthony GreenDudley Hill PairsDudley Hill LeagueHarold Club26.11.201572
Lewis WalshDawson TrophyCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria13.11.201572
David StirkHey's TrophyN/AUndercliffe C.C10.03.201671
David StirkBob BellCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria17.01.201671
Lewis WalshDawson TrophyCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria19.11.201571
Tom BellGames LeagueSouth BradfordWibsey Libs A16.02.201670
Gareth GreenGames LeagueSouth BradfordClayton Rugby A17.11.201570
Wayne CooperBradford SinglesN/AUndercliffe C.C17.01.201669
Gareth GreenHandicap PairsSouth BradfordClayton Rugby A30.03.201668
Tom BellGames LeagueSouth BradfordWibsey Libs A01.03.201668
Mark SlaterGames LeagueSouth BradfordClayton Libs A17.11.201568
Wayne CooperBradford SinglesN/AUndercliffe C.C26.11.201567
Josh WalkerBradford SinglesN/AUndercliffe C.C2511.201567
Josh WalkerDawson TrophyCon LeagueLilycroft WMC13.11.201567
Josh WalkerDudley Hill PairsDudley Hill LeagueUndercliffe C.C30.07.201566
John WellhamLeague Div1Con LeagueWindhill15.12.201565
Russel MorganLeague Div2Con LeagueLilycroft WMC16.02.201664
Josh WalkerBradford SinglesN/AUndercliffe C.C07.01.201664
Kevin FirthBradford SinglesN/AUndercliffe C.C26.11.201564
Mark SlaterGames LeagueSouth BradfordClayton Libs A13.10.201564
Lewis WalshBradford HcpN/AEccleshill Victoria07.05.201564
Lewis WalshHey's TrophyN/AEccleshill Victoria21.01.201663
Mark BallStanley PeelCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria26.04.201562
Josh WalkerLeague Div2Con LeagueLilycroft WMC03.05.201560
Josh WalkerBradford PairsN/AUndercliffe C.C25.01.201660
Peter HamiltonTeam KnockoutDudley Hill LeagueUndercliffe C.C03.12.201560
Lewis WalshHey's TrophyN/AEccleshill Victoria21.01.201659
M. PearsonDawson TrophyCon LeaguePilky's19.11.201559
Russel MorganLeague Div2Con LeagueLilycroft WMC03.11.201559
Josh WalkerLeague Div2Con LeagueLilycroft WMC29.09.201559
Ian CarradiceGames LeagueSouth BradfordWibsey Libs A26.01.201658
David StirkHey's TrophyN/AUndercliffe C.C17.12.201557
Josh WalkerLeague Div2Con LeagueLilycroft WMC26.01.201657
Wayne CooperBradford PairsN/AUndercliffe C.C24.01.201657
Josh WalkerBradford HcpN/AUndercliffe C.C13.08.201557
Lewis WalshLeague Div1Con LeagueEccleshill Victoria01.03.201656
David StirkStanley PeelCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria02.10.201556
Russel MorganLeague Div2Con LeagueLilycroft WMC03.11.201556
Anthony GreenGames LeagueSouth BradfordClayton Rugby A15.03.201655
Gareth GreenBob BellCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria24.11.201555
James MetcalfeBradford SinglesN/ACue Gardens18.11.201555
Lewis WalshBradford PairsN/AEccleshill Victoria25.01.201654
Damian BentleyHey's TrophyN/AUndercliffe C.C14.01.201654
Josh WalkerGames LeagueSouth BradfordLilycroft WMC02.02.201653
Anthony GreenGames LeagueSouth BradfordClayton Rugby A02.02.201653
David StirkBradford SinglesN/AUndercliffe C.C07.01.201653
Simon JacksonLeague Div1Con LeagueEccleshill Victoria10.11.201553
Nick HaleGames LeagueSouth BradfordFields Sports & Social22.09.201553
Josh WalkerBradford HcpN/AUndercliffe C.C18.09.201553
Anthony GreenBradford HcpN/AHarold Club14.05.201553
Simon JacksonLeague Div1Con LeagueEccleshill Victoria29.03.201652
Wayne CooperBradford SinglesN/AUndercliffe C.C26.11.201552
Russel MorganDawson TrophyCon LeagueLilycroft WMC13.11.201552
Gareth GreenBradford SinglesN/AEccleshill Victoria04.04.201651
Chris BrannanLeague Div1Con LeagueThornton A22.03.201651
David StirkHey's TrophyN/AUndercliffe C.C10.12.201551
Sonny SandhuDudley Hill SinglesDudley HillUndercliffe C.C10.02.201651
Lewis WalshStanley PeelCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria19.10.201551
Joe HollingsDawson TrophyCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria24.02.201650
Sonny SandhuLeague Div1Con LeagueUndercliffe C.C26.01.201650
Sonny SandhuLeague Div1Con LeagueUndercliffe C.C17.11.201550
Sonny SandhuLeague Div1Dudley HillUndercliffe C.C16.11.201550
Jason FieldhouseSummer LeagueSouth BradfordFields Sports & Social16.06.201550
Darren GoyDawson TrophyCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria20.01.201649
Josh WalkerHey's TrophyN/ALilycroft WMC17.12.201549
Adam TipperHey's TrophyN/AUndercliffe C.C10.12.201549
Darren GoyRowland PairsCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria 15.11.201549
Mark SlaterGames LeagueSouth BradfordClayton Libs A10.11.201549
Josh WalkerBradford HcpN/AUndercliffe C.C13.08.201549
Howard MawsonBradford HcpN/AEccleshill Victoria12.08.201549
David StirkHey's TrophyN/AUndercliffe C.C14.04.201648
Gareth GreenHandicap PairsSouth BradfordClayton Rugby A30.03.201648
David StirkHey's TrophyN/AUndercliffe C.C17.12.201548
Lewis WalshLeague Div1Con LeagueEccleshill Victoria12.01.201648
Simon JacksonHey's TrophyN/AEccleshill Victoria17.12.201548
Russel MorganDawson TrophyCon LeagueLilycroft WMC13.11.201548
Damian BentleyBradford SinglesN/AUndercliffe C.C09.11.201548
Sonny SandhuBob BellCon LeagueUndercliffe C.C21.10.201548
Anthony GreenBradford HcpN/AHarold Club14.05.201548
Lewis WalshBradford HcpN/AEccleshill Victoria07.05.201547
Roy BeckfordLeague Div1Con LeagueCalverley18.04.201646
Dylan MitchellLeague Div1Con LeaguePilky's29.03.201646
Wayne CooperBradford SinglesN/AUndercliffe C.C27.03.201646
Anthony GreenGames LeagueSouth BradfordClayton Rugby A01.12.201546
Simon JacksonDawson TrophyCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria19.11.201546
Simon JacksonBob BellCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria11.11.201546
Peter HamiltonBob BellCon LeagueUndercliffe C.C14.10.201546
Gareth GreenBradford SinglesN/AEccleshill Victoria04.04.201645
Lewis WalshLeague Div1Con LeagueEccleshill Victoria15.03.201645
David StirkHey's TrophyN/AUndercliffe C.C10.12.201545
Mark SlaterGames LeagueSouth BradfordClayton Libs A23.02.201645
Lewis WalshHey's TrophyN/AEccleshill Victoria17.12.201545
Anthony GreenDudley Hill PairsDudley Hill LeagueHarold Club26.11.201545
Peter HamiltonLeague Div1Con LeagueUndercliffe C.C13.10.201545
David StirkBob BellCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria16.03.201644
Anthony GreenDudley Hill PairsDudley Hill LeagueHarold Club26.11.201544
Josh WalkerLeague Div1Con LeagueLilycroft06.10.201544
Gareth GreenGames LeagueSouth BradfordClayton Rugby A29.09.201544
Wayne CooperBradford SinglesN/AUndercliffe C.C27.03.201643
David StirkLeague Div1Con LeagueEccleshill Victoria 01.03.201643
T. RhodesLeague Div2Con LeagueWibsey24.11.201543
Sonny SandhuLeague Div1Con LeagueUndercliffe C.C29.09.201543
Paul JacksonSummer LeagueSouth BradfordLilycroft WMC09.06.201543
David StirkBob BellCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria16.03.201642
Danny WilkinsSouth Bradford PairsSouth BradfordClayton Rugby A21.02.201642
Mark SlaterGames LeagueSouth BradfordClayton Libs A16.02.201642
Josh WalkerLeague Div2Con LeagueLilycroft WMC03.11.201542
Roy BeckfordLeague Div1Con LeagueCalverley06.10.201542
D. HaleSummer LeagueSouth BradfordClayton Rugby B30.06.201542
A. LeemingSummer LeagueSouth BradfordFields Sports & Social30.06.201542
Sonny SandhuBradford HcpN/AUndercliffe C.C13.07.201641
Sonny SandhuLeague Div1Con LeagueUndercliffe C.C20.10.201541
Joe HallidayHey's TrophyN/ATong Libs17.12.201541
Gareth GreenBradford SinglesN/AEccleshill Victoria04.04.201641
Jason Fieldhouse Games LeagueSouth BradfordFields Sports & Social24.11.201541
Tom BellGames LeagueSouth BradfordWibsey Libs A13.10.201541
Sonny SandhuDudley Hill PairsDudley Hill LeagueUndercliffe C.C01.07.201541
Wayne DowneyBradford HcpN/AUndercliffe C.C23.06.201541
Damian BentleyLeagueSummer LeagueUndercliffe C.C "B"05.07.201640
Darren GoyRowland PairsCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria 15.11.201540
Josh WalkerDawson TrophyCon LeagueLilycroft WMC13.11.201540
Mark SlaterGames LeagueSouth BradfordClayton Libs A20.10.201540
L. SzulaLeague Div1Con LeagueWindhill06.10.201540
David StirkLeague Div1Con LeagueEccleshill Victoria 22.09.201540
Tom BellGames LeagueSouth BradfordWibsey Libs A19.01.201640
Howard MawsonLeague Div1Con LeagueEccleshill Victoria 22.09.201540

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