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High Breaks – 2016/17

High Break Leader Board
Any Snooker breaks made 40 or over in a official Bradford competition or Games League event can be listed here.
Please note only breaks that are submitted can be shown the first event of this season is Bradford Handicap.
If we don’t know about it we can’t show it, its a great way to see who is the inform man that season.

To submit a break use the contact us form found to the left side of your window or via the email icon found at the very top of the site with the following details below.

 You can also send us a Tweet by clicking the below icon with the info required above, alternative is to send any breaks to your league who then forwards to us.hp-twitter-button

  1. Full Name (example, Joe Blogs)
  2. What the break was (example, 147)
  3. Which Bradford competition/league (example, Hey’s Trophy or example, south Bradford league div2)
  4. Club the person representing (example, Minters Club)
  5. Date & Year (example, 21.12.2015)

Tip:  If the list of names is too big use the search function to find a event or player 

Player NameEvent / DivLeagueClubDateBreak
Mark BallBradford SinglesN/AEccleshill Victoria23.10.2016131
David StirkStanley PeelCon leagueUndercliffe C.C05.12.2016120
Mark SlaterBradford SinglesN/AClayton Libs16.12.2016102
Alex McCannLeagueCon leagueWibsey Cons21.03.2017107
Dylan MitchellLeagueCon leaguePilky's15.11.2016101
Stefan RisidiLeagueCon LeagueOwlet Hall21.03.201794
Anthony GreenBradford PairsN/AHarold Club26.03.201791
Josh WalkerLeagueCon leagueLilycroft14.12.201689
Mark SlaterBradford PairsN/AClayton Libs11.02.201785
Mark BallStanley PeelCon leagueEccleshill Victoria02.11.201683
Kevin FirthBradford PairsN/AUndercliffe C.C16.01.201781
Mark SlaterHey's TrophyN/AClayton Libs05.01.201780
Mark BallBob BellCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria15.01.201779
Mark BallBradford SinglesN/AEccleshill Victoria23.01.201776
Wayne CooperBradford PairsN/AUndercliffe C.C16.01.201776
Gareth GreenBradford PairsN/AThornton Cons22.12.201676
Kevin FirthBradford SinglesN/AUndercliffe C.C15.12.201676
David StirkBob BellCon leagueUndercliffe C.C30.11.201676
Stefan RisidiBradford PairsN/AOwlett Hall06.11.201675
Lewis WalshBradford HcpN/AEccleshill Victoria12.09.201675
Lewis WalshDawson TrophyCon leagueEccleshill Victoria08.12.201673
Howard MawsonBradford SinglesN/AEccleshill Victoria27.10.201672
Mark SlaterLeagueSouth Bradford LgeClayton Libs02.03.201771
Josh WalkerLeagueCon leagueLilycroft25.04.201770
Lewis WalshHey's TrophyN/AEccleshill Victoria05.01.201770
Josh WalkerBradford PairsN/AUndercliffe C.C30.11.201670
Wayne CooperBradford PairsN/AHarold Club26.03.201769
David StirkBob BellCon LeagueUndercliffe C.C14.11.201668
Wayne CooperBradford PairsN/AHarold Club26.03.201766
David StirkLeagueCon LeagueUndercliffe C.C21.02.201764
Simon JacksonDawson TrophyCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria30.01.201764
Chris MellingDawson TrophyCon leaguePilky's16.11.201664
Mark BallBradford SinglesN/AEccleshill Victoria23.10.201664
Howard MawsonBradford SinglesN/AEccleshill Victoria27.10.201663
David StirkLeagueCon LeagueUndercliffe C.C24.01.201762
Lewis WalshLeagueCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria25.04.201761
Mark SlaterLeagueSouth Bradford LgeClayton Libs07.02.201761
Sonny SanduLeagueCon leagueUndercliffe C.C10.01.201761
Mark SlaterLeagueSouth Bradford LgeClayton Libs08.11.201661
Lewis WalshHey's TrophyN/AEccleshill Victoria12.01.201760
Darren GoyBob BellCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria16.11.201660
Lewis WalshLeagueCon leagueEccleshill Victoria25.10.201660
Lewis WalshHey's TrophyN/AEccleshill Victoria09.02.201758
Alex McCannLeagueCon leagueWibsey20.09.201657
Lewis WalshBob BellCon leagueEccleshill Victoria21.11.201656
Mark BallBradford SinglesN/AEccleshill Victoria23.10.201656
Adam TipperLeagueDudley Hill LgeUndercliffe C.C07.11.201656
Lewis WalshHey's TrophyN/AEccleshill Victoria05.01.201755
Mark SlaterLeagueSouth Bradford LgeClayton Libs11.10.201655
Mark SlaterLeagueSouth Bradford LgeClayton Libs27.09.201655
Howard MawsonLeagueCon leagueEccleshill Victoria10.01.201754
Anthony GreenBradford SinglesN/AHarold Club27.10.201654
Damian BentleyLeagueCon leagueUndercliffe C.C25.10.201654
David StirkBradford PairsN/AUndercliffe C.C14.12.201653
David StirkLeagueCon leagueUndercliffe C.C11.10.201652
Howard MawsonBradford PairsN/AEccleshill Victoria20.03.201751
Damian BentleyDudley Hill SinglesDudley Hill LgeUndercliffe C.C06.04.201750
Richard HagertyBob BellCon LeagueCalverley Cons17.10.201650
Joe HollingsLeagueCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria20.03.201749
David StirkBob BellCon LeagueUndercliffe C.C14.11.201649
Lewis WalshLeagueCon leagueEccleshill Victoria14.12.201648
Lewis WalshLeagueCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria29.11.201648
Anthony GreenLeagueSouth Bradford LgeClayton Rugby A27.09.201648
Howard MawsonLeagueCon leagueEccleshill Victoria07.03.201747
Lewis WalshHey's TrophyN/AEccleshill Victoria16.02.201747
Damian BentleyDudley Hill SinglesDudley Hill LgeUndercliffe C.C12.02.201747
Josh WalkerBradford PairsN/AUndercliffe C.C30.11.201647
Paul DaveyDudley Hill SinglesDudley Hill LgeUndercliffe C.C17.11.201647
Anthony BorzaLeagueCon leagueUndercliffe C.C20.09.201647
John AndrewsLeagueCon LeagueUndercliffe C.C28.03.201746
Howard MawsonLeagueCon leagueEccleshill Victoria14.03.201746
David StirkLeagueCon leagueUndercliffe C.C07.03.201746
Simon JacksonBob BellCon league Eccleshill Victoria14.11.201646
David StirkLeagueCon leagueUndercliffe C.C08.11.201646
David StirkStan PeelCon leagueUndercliffe C.C17.10.201646
Lewis WalshLeagueCon leagueEccleshill Victoria27.09.201646
Anthony GreenBradford SinglesN/AHarold Club27.10.201645
Richard InghamLeagueCon LeagueQueensbury Cons14.02.201744
Martin JohnsonLeagueCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria24.01.201744
Robert BettsLeagueSouth Bradford LgeClayton Rugby A29.11.201644
Adam TipperBob BellCon LeagueUndercliffe C.C09.11.201644
Simon JacksonDawson TrophyCon leagueEccleshill Victoria26.09.201644
Lewis WalshLeagueCon leagueEccleshill Victoria14.03.201743
Lewis WalshLeagueCon leagueEccleshill Victoria15.11.201643
Simon JacksonBradford PairsN/AEccleshill Victoria23.10.201643
D. HaleLeagueCon LeagueFields Sports Social11.10.201643
David StirkHey's TrophyN/AUndercliffe C.C05.01.201742
Mark SlaterLeagueSouth Bradford LgeClayton Libs15.11.201642
Mark SlaterLeagueSouth Bradford LgeClayton Libs18.10.201642
David StirkStan PeelCon leagueUndercliffe C.C17.10.201642
J. BowerLeagueCon leagueCullingworth20.09.201642
Lewis WalshBradford SinglesN/AEccleshill Victoria27.03.201741
Simon JacksonJohn Rowland PairsCon leagueEccleshill Victoria15.01.201741
Simon JacksonBob BellCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria14.11.201641
Allan AustinStan PeelCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria28.03.201740
Josh WalkerLeagueCon LeagueLilycroft28.02.201740
David StirkLeagueCon LeagueUndercliffe C.C06.12.201640
Joe HollingsDawson TrophyCon LeagueEccleshill Victoria23.11.201640
Lewis WalshBob BellCon leagueEccleshill Victoria21.11.201640
Mark SlaterLeagueSouth Bradford LgeClayton Libs15.11.201640
Simon JacksonLeagueCon leagueEccleshill Victoria20.09.201640
Lewis WalshLeagueCon leagueEccleshill Victoria01.11.201640

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