Sponsoring Bsa-Cuesports Opportunity

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Please use the Email icon found right at the top of this site or fill in the form below if your business is Interested in a sponsor opportunity with bsa-cuesports and we shall get back to you asap.

All kind donations received will go towards covering the website costs, (please use the paypal button on the home page of site found on the right side)

What you can recieve in return by sponsoring this site depending on which package you choose….

  • Logo with link to your own website, or your own unique page with details you provide about your business .
  • A news flash scrolling message for 6 months across the front page with a link to either your unique page, or your own website and message text colour of your choice.
  • Friends of Bsa clickable link banner for easy access.
  • Blog post made on front page about your company with pictures/details you provide, this includes 5x blog posts with any special discount, offers, new items that may arise.
  • Twitter feed comes with any newly created post which would share your sponsorship across social media with re-tweets from respectable local sport related people. 

Bsa was created back in 2013 and since then it’s become a massive hit, 100s of visitors come to our site daily, our site covers our four local leagues all their events and much more, we also have more information on the net than any site about upcoming Yorkshire Snooker events and their Leagues.

If you’re a sport related business and looking to get noticed BSA is the place for your logo at a very reasonable cost.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you!

Bsa-Cuesports Team





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