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High Breaks – 2022/23

High Break Leader Board
Any Snooker breaks made 40 or over in a official Bradford competition or Games League event can be listed here.
Please note only breaks that are submitted can be shown the first event of this season is Bradford Handicap.
If we don’t know about it we can’t show it, its a great way to see who is the inform man that season.

To submit a break use the contact us form found to the left side of your window or via the email icon found at the very top of the site with the following details below.

 You can also send us a Tweet by clicking the below icon with the info required above, alternative is to send any breaks to your league who then forwards to us.hp-twitter-button

  1. Full Name (example, Joe Blogs)
  2. What the break was (example, 147)
  3. Which Bradford competition/league (example, Hey’s Trophy or example, south Bradford league div2)
  4. Club the person representing (example, Minters Club)
  5. Date & Year (example, 21.12.2022)

Tip:  If the list of names is too big use the search function to find a event or player 

Player NameEvent / DivLeagueClubDateBreak
Howard MawsonLeagueCon leagueUndercliffe Cricket22.11.202289
Howard MawsonLeagueCon leagueEccleshill Victoria Cons20.09.202282
Josh WalkerDawson TrophyCon leagueUndercliffe Cricket24.10.202276
Richard DennyLeagueCon leagueCullingworth04.10.202261
Matt YeadonDawson TrophyCon leagueBaildon Wood Bottom27.09.202260
Josh WalkerBob BellCon leagueUndercliffe Cricket19.09.202259
Danny PeelLeagueCon leagueUndercliffe Cricket06.09.202259
James MetcalfeLeagueCon leagueGirlington Cons01.11.202256
Lee BertramLeagueCon leagueIdle & Thackley Cons 01.11.202254
Steve MooreLeagueCon leagueEccleshill Victoria Cons01.11.202250
Aidan HolroydDawson TrophyCon leagueIdle WMC03.11.202249
Aidan HolroydDawson TrophyCon leagueIdle WMC03.11.202249
Lewis WalshLeagueCon leagueEccleshill Victoria Cons25.10.202249
Lee BertramDawson TrophyCon leagueIdle & Thackley Cons12.10.202249
Sam MistryLeagueCon leagueWibsey Cons04.10.202249
John WellhamBob BellCon leagueUpper Bolton21.11.202248
David StirkBob BellCon leagueUndercliffe Cricket14.11.202248
Dane HaleLeagueCon leagueFields Sports15.11.202248
Josh WalkerBob BellCon leagueUndercliffe Cricket14.11.202248
Josh WalkerBob BellCon leagueUndercliffe Cricket19.09.202247
Lewis WalshDawson TrophyCon leagueEccleshill Victoria Cons03.10.202246
Alan WhiteheadJohn Rowlands PairsCon league18.11.202243
Josh WalkerBob BellCon leagueUndercliffe Cricket14.11.202243
Trevor WoodLeagueCon leagueSaltaire Bar18.10.202243
Charlie WalkerLeagueCon leagueCullingworth27.09.202243
Colin HarrisonLeagueCon leagueUpper Bolton08.11.202242
Rob KettlewellStanley Peel TrophyCon leagueIdle WMC27.09.202242
John WellhamBob BellCon leagueUpper Bolton21.11.202240
Matt YeadonLeagueCon leagueBaildon Wood Bottom27.09.202240

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