Paul Davey worthy winner in Peel final



Undercliffe’s Paul Davey 3-1 Winner


Girlington Con Club last night hosted the 2014 Stanley Peel competition which is one of many events from the Bradford Conservative League, This seasons finalists was Northcotes Mark Cunningham versus Undercliffe Crickets Paul Davey known by many as “PD”.

Frame one was a tense scrappy affair with both players feeling the pressure and missed opportunity’s from both, after some cagey safety play it was Davey who took the first 76-56

Second frame Cunningham wasn’t going to throw his chance away, with some great tactical play followed by a fantastic pot on the final blue from under the cushion Cunningham levelled the match with a 75-51 win.

This match looked like going the distance both players tense and giving it their all but Davey stepped up the pace and started to dominate the third with some amazing single ball pots which took him to a 2-1 advantage 83-50

Davey a slender lead in the fourth frame now really had a skip about him knocking in a 29 break with soon to follow a 34 built up a frame winning lead but once again Cunningham wasn’t going to give in battling hard and fighting for snookers on the brown he managed to get one of the two he needed until Davey sealed the match 3-1 by knocking in brown to pink and with it the 2014 Stanley Peel title.

Congratulations to both players reaching the final and putting up a terrific display

All previous round results can be found HERE

Special thanks to Wayne Downey for providing us with a frame by frame break down.

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