South Bradford 2019 Summer League Update Week 2

Hi Guys

Herewith Week 2 Results and Tables.

Just a quick point – could you please ensure at the start of every frame that ALL players start off their correct handicap (minus players start off a minus start). I know some have been starting the higher handicap players off the difference between the 2 players ie: Howard Mawson -35 starts off 0 and Alan Peacock 14 starts off 49.

Howard should start off -35 and work up to 0 and Alan should start off 14.

If frames don’t start this way is throws out the scores and also affects the end of season handicapping. If Alan’s end of frame score was 89 then it looks like he has scored 75 points, when really he started off 49 so only scored 40.

Hope this makes sense.



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