**Cuesport Lighting Special Offer**


We are delighted to announce that Lewis from Cuesport Lighting has a special offer not to be overlooked exclusively to Bsa-Cuesports.

A Special offer of 10% discount on all orders for two or more tables, to receive the offer when ordering.

Just email Bsa and ask for your 10% discount code and present this in your request to Cuesport Lighting.

EMAIL bradfordsnooker@gmail.com AND ASK FOR YOUR 10% DISCOUNT CODE!

Is your club finding it more and more difficult to buy your standard snooker or pool canopy table bulbs?

Does your club table lighting look dull and dark after playing an away game with more modern lighting?

Then why not go with the future and invest in a more modern contemporary style fitting.

Snooker lighting at its best and in the long run a much more efficient and money saving way, with less than half the energy consumption than your traditional table lighting saving you pounds annually, which will eventually pay for themselves.


Cueposrts Lighting have installed a number of lights for clubs within the Bradford area, although they are based in Bradford they do cover the whole of Yorkshire.

So If your club is looking for a alternative way of lighting there tables then look no further, just give Lewis a call for a free no obligation estimate.

Your playing experience will just get better.

Download a Printable poster for your club HERE


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