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ybsa High Breaks 2014/15

Any Snooker breaks of 50 or more in a official Yorkshire League match can be listed here. Please note only breaks that are submitted can be shown If we don’t know about it we can’t show it. PLEASE NOTE ALL BREAKS WILL BE CHECKED To submit a break use the contact us form found to the left side or via the email icon found at the very top of the site with the following.

  1. Full Name (example, Joe Blogs)
  2. What the break was (example, 147)
  3. Date & Year (example, 21.12.2015)
  4. Which division was it made (example, yorkshire league div 1 )
  5. team the person was representing (example, leeds)
  6. Venue this break was made (example, Sheffield3)

 You can also send us a Tweet by clicking the below icon with the info required abovehp-twitter-button

alternatively send a text to 07803-538829 stating the above required information.

Tip:  If the list of names is too big use the search function to find a event or player 

Player NameDivisionTeamVenueDateBreak
Wayne CooperDiv 1Bradford 1Bradford 111.01.2015101
Wayne CooperDiv 1Bradford 1Bradford 112.04.201591
Lewis GillanDiv 1Leeds 1Leeds 109.11.201489
Tom PriestDiv 1Sheffield 1Sheffield 125.10.201489
Martin FinniganDiv 1Sheffield 1Bradford 112.04.201588
Lee BrooksDiv 2Castleford 1Brighouse26.10.201483
Ashley CartyDiv 1Sheffield 3Sheffield 319.10.201480
Ashley CartyDiv 1Sheffield 3Bradford 109.11.201479
James DabellDiv 1Sheffield 1Sheffield 108.02.201576
Kevin FirthDiv 1Bradford 1Bradford 112.04.201575
Mikey HodgsonDiv 1Castleford 2Harrogate11.01.201575
Wayne CooperDiv 1Bradford 1Sheffield 121.12.201475
Michael WhaleyDiv 1HuddersfieldHuddersfield21.12.210474
James DabellDiv 1Sheffield 1Sheffield 101.03.201573
Joe RobertsDiv 1Castleford 2Castleford 225.01.201572
Gyles BehboodDiv 1HarrogateBradford 108.02.201569
Kevin FirthDiv 1Bradford 1Bradford 111.01.201569
Gyles BehboodDiv 1HarrogateHuddersfield26.04.201568
Pete RabyDiv 1Castleford 2Bradford 213.12.201465
Martin FinniganDiv 1Sheffield 1Sheffield 121.12.201463
Anthony MasseyDiv 1LeedsHuddersfield21.02.201562
Mark SlaterDiv 1Bradford 1Huddersfield22.03.201561
Will LemonsDiv 1Sheffield 3Bradford 109.11.201461
Gyles BehboodDiv 1HarrogateHarrogate22.02.201560
Kevin FirthDiv 1Bradford 1Bradford 119.04.201559
Gyles BehboodDiv 1HarrogateBradford 209.11.201459
Wayne CooperDiv 1Bradford 1Bradford 107.12.201456
Gareth GreenDiv 1Bradford 2Sheffield 319.10.201456
Kevin FirthDiv 1Bradford 1Bradford 111.01.201555
Wayne CooperDiv 1Bradford 1Bradford 225.01.201554
Wayne CooperDiv 1Bradford 1Bradford 112.10.201454
Hanif RafiqDiv 1Bradford 2Bradford 213.12.201453
David BirleyDiv 1Sheffield 1Sheffield 109.11.201453
Anthony GreenDiv 1Bradford 2Sheffield 319.10.201453
Kevin FirthDiv 1Bradford 1Leeds26.04.201551
Ashley CartyDiv 1Sheffield 3Sheffield 319.10.201451
Wayne CooperDiv 1Bradford 1Harrogate26.10.201451
Wayne CooperDiv 1Bradford 1Harrogate26.10.201451

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