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ybsa High Breaks 2013/14


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Any Snooker breaks made 50 or over in a official Yorkshire League match can be listed here.
Please note only breaks that are submitted can be shown
If we don’t know about it we can’t show it, its a great way to see who is the inform man that season.

To submit a break use the contact us form found to the left side or via the email icon found at the very top of the site with the following

  1. Full Name (example, Joe Blogs)
  2. What the break was (example, 147)
  3. Which division (example, yorkshire league division 1, )
  4. team the player was representing (example, castleford 2)
  5. Date & Year (example, 21.12.2013)

Tip:  If the list of names is too big use the search function to find a team or player 




Player NameDivision Team venueDateBreak
Gareth GreentwoBradford 2Bradford23.03.2014137
Gareth GreentwoBradford 2Bradford22.12.2013109
Gareth GreentwoBradford 2Bradford05.04.2014100
Wayne CooperoneBradford 1Bradford12.01.201491
Wayne CooperoneBradford 1Bradford23.03.201487
Mikey TomlinsononeCastleford 1Castleford 19.01.201487
Gareth GreentwoBradford 2Wakefield26.01.201487
Gareth GreentwoBradford 2Bradford27.04.201485
Lee BrookesoneCastleford 1Castleford08.12.201383
Joe RobertsoneCastleford 2Castleford 09.03.201483
Wayne CooperoneBradford 1Bradford24.11.201382
Gyles BehboodoneHarrogateBradford24.11.201382
Wayne CooperoneBradford 1Bradford20.10.201382
Pete FisheroneCastleford 1Castleford10.11.201381
Ashley CartyoneSheffield 3Sheffield 322.12.201380
Pete FisheroneCastleford 1Sheffield 102.02.201479
Mikey TomlinsononeCastleford 1Bradford20.10.201379
Wayne CooperoneSheffield 1Bradford23.02.201478
Joe RobertsoneCastleford 2Bradford12.01.201478
Pete FisheroneCastleford 1Castleford 19.01.201475
Chris HalltwoWakefieldWakefield26.01.201475
Gyles BehboodoneHarrogateHarrogate09.03.201471
Michael BurketwoHuddersfieldCastleford26.01.201471
Ashley CartyoneSheffield 3Sheffield 303.11.201370
Wayne CooperoneBradfordBradford26.01.201465
Pete RabyoneCastleford 2Bradford12.01.201465
Joe RobertsoneCastleford 2Ossett02.02.201463
Pete RabyoneCastleford 2Bradford12.01.201461
Kev FirthoneBradford 1Bradford23.03.201457
Lee BrookesoneCastleford 2Sheffield 102.02.201457
Wayne CooperoneBradfordBradford26.01.201457
Joe RobertsoneCastleford 2Castleford 09.03.201454
Wayne CooperoneBradfordHarrogate09.03.201454
Gareth GreentwoBradfordBradford09.03.201453
Ashley CartyoneSheffield 3Castelford26.01.201452
Daz BrowningoneCastleford 2Ossett02.02.201451




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