Bradford Doubles Final – 2013

Gareth & Anthony Green

 What promised to be a classic encounter between the former 2010 champions Kevin Firth & Dave Stirk, against the defending 2012 champions Gareth Green (who recently qualified for the wuxi classic in china later this month) and his brother Anthony Green lived up to its high hopes.

Frame 1.  It didn’t take long for the match to get going as Gareth potted a long red and made a solid break of 30 before losing position and forced into playing safe. Then after a few safety shots Kevin Firth got in and contributed a superb 60 break but just failing to bring the last two reds into play. after some more safety play Gareth Green potted the open red and developed the remaining safe red to which he cleared the table with a great 38 break to win the first frame.

Gareth & Antony Green 1 – 0 Kevin Firth & Dave Stirk


photo2Frame 2.  The second frame was all one sided as Gareth Green (pictured) showed what a class player he is, by making a 41, then a few shots later cleared the table with superb 75 break.

Gareth & Antony Green 2 – 0 Kevin Firth & Dave Stirk

Frame 3.  Frame 3 was a nervy affair with all players making 20+ breaks. First Gareth Green made 22, then Dave Stirk made a 23, Anthony Green followed with 28, then Kevin Firth was on 22 and it looked like he was going to clear the table, but a untimely miss cue on the final blue but luckily the blue went safe. Anthony Green had Dave Stirk in trouble with a good safety shot on the blue only for Dave Stirk to fluke the blue. left with a tricky pink Dave Stirk missed it but it went safe again. was lady luck looking down on Kevin and Dave?. A few shots later Kevin Firth pots a fantastic long pink to put them 6 points up with only the black remaining but playing back into a blind pocket missed the black but got a good cue ball on the baulk cushion. Anthony Green missed his attempt of a long black and left it sitting for Dave Stirk to make it 2-1

Gareth & Antony Green 2- 1 Kevin Firth & Dave Stirk

Frame 4.  After a short interval of about 10 minutes frame 4 started in much the same way, but this time no players making a decisive contribution, until Anthony Green made a very controlled 48  break to leave Kevin & Dave needing snookers, to which they couldn’t get. so the Green brothers defended their title in true style. The quality of this match was outstanding as only 3 fouls were made over the 4 frames with lots of great safety and break building, and without doubt the best players won on the night, with both Kevin And David showing what true sportsmanship they are by applauding both their opponents for their good match play and saying they were beaten by the better players.




Mark Slater (pictured) won the highest break award with a 89 break in a earlier round.



Final Result

Gareth & Antony Green 3 – 1 Kevin Firth & Dave Stirk


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